Today’s News: Syngin Moves Into A Van, Leaves Home After Signing Divorce Papers!

The popular 90 Day Fiance star Syngin Colchester had some really dramatic time on the show. Apparently, he is well known for his relationship with Tania. The duo were travelers and loved going on adventures. However, it seems that their few mutual interests couldn’t keep them together for a long time. Hence, the couple decided to part ways and restarted their lives. Lately, Syngin has been living in a van and has been enjoying a carefree life as well with his new girlfriend. We have all the information you might wish to know, so keep on reading.

90 Day Fiance: Syngin Is Finally Living A Carefree Life With His New Girlfriend

The 90 Day Fiance audience recently witnessed its first on-screen divorce. Syngin and Tania decided to part ways, and the former left his ex-wife’s house long back. Apparently, their issues started when Tania realized that her partner was not interested in having kids in life any day. Not only this, but their problems were greater than their reasons for living together. So, they decided to move on in life and restart their lives again. Shockingly, Tania and Syngin weren’t officially divorced until recently and finally decided to part ways on screen. Hence, in the recent Tell All episode, Tania bought all the official documents, and the exes are officially exes now.


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However, it seems that in Syngin’s life, Tania’s chapter was over way back. Fans know that Colchester is really happy with his new girlfriend right now. Apparently, the TLC celeb decided to make his relationship public in July 2022. While kissing her on the beach, he shared a picture with his new partner named Shayna Bee. Hence, the couple has come a long way to downing alcohol in a van.

Syngin also mentioned his new partner on 90 Day Fiance when one of his fans stated that they missed watching him with Tania. The star replied that he gets the point, but life keeps changing, and he has embraced it now. Syngin and his new girlfriend love to travel and recently went to Disneyland, California as well. Not only this, the star couple spent their entire summers on the beach and in the bars of San Diago. In addition to that, they also celebrated and enjoyed the Día de Los Muertos celebration together. Hence, it seems Syngin is enjoying and living a carefree life these days with his new girlfriend.


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90 Day Fiance: Who Is Shayna Bee? More About Her!

The 90 Day Fiance fans might be wondering who actually Shayna Bee is. Apparently, it is shocking that the newbie’s love was enough for Syngin to make him forget Tania and the miseries of his life and happily sign the divorce papers on the screen. Relax, we got your back, as we have all the information regarding who Shayna Bee is! Evidently, she is a San Diego native. Not only this, she has two dogs and is a tattoo freak as well. Apparently, her tattoo list is a bit long as it goes from having an inked woman’s face covered in flowers on her left arm to having stingrays and more florals on her thighs.

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However, the best part is that Shayna Bee is exactly like her boyfriend. She also doesn’t want to have kids and enjoys van life with Syngin. Not only this, she finds the TLC star to be really hot and revealed that she would collaborate with him to provide spicier content on a more appropriate platform. Apparently, she makes a living by making NSFW content for her fans. In addition to that, she charges around $10 a month from her subscribers to provide them with content. However, fans are happy to watch that the duo are two peas in a pot and love being together.