BREAKING NEWS: David Toborowsky Become A MONK, As Annie Says She Wants To HAVE KIDS!

The popular 90 Day Fiance star David Toborowsky got enchanted by the Asian culture. Recently, he visited Thailand with his wife, Annie Suwan, as it is her homeland. During his visit to the foreign land, he took the life-changing decision of becoming a monk. However, his wife is not confident that her partner understands this and its consequences and restrictions. Fans are excited to know everything about it. The entire procedure will be premiered on their own show, David & Annie: After 90 Days. How do you think the 54-year-old will complete the rituals to be a Monk? Tune in to know all the details.

90 Day Fiance: David Decides To Be A Monk, Annie Supports His Decision!

David married Annie in 2017 in her native country, Thailand. Now they have been together for more than five years. Even though he is twice the age of Annie, they are living quite happily in their new home in Fountain Hills, Arizona. Recently, the couple visited Thailand to meet Annie’s parents. Shockingly, David decided to become a monk, a rite of passage for all Thai men. Whether the 90 Day Fiance star goes through with this decision or not, fans will have to wait and see if he completes the rigorous religious training. It has been documented on the reality show. In fact, his wife, Annie, is supportive of his decision too.

In one of his interviews, David mentions that he felt a deep connection with Asia. The 90 Day Fiance star also talked of an event that happened last season. He visited a fortune teller back then. She said that he was the great-grandson of the Naga Ping, a mystical creature of the Mekong River. David mentioned that he agreed with the fortune teller’s belief. The castmate further added that people don’t understand the “sacrifice” of Buddhist Monks. Lately, David has explained his idea to his American family and what transition he had to go through to become a monk. The 54-year-old also cleared that he did not intend to remain a monk throughout his life. And he just wanted to pay tribute to Thai culture. Thus, he did not intend to commit permanently.

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The 90 Day Fiance celebrity couple David and Annie have different perspectives on the decision to become a monk. Annie is supportive, yet she feels her husband is unaware that he must follow certain rules. The 30-year-old mentioned in a confessional that she told David he’d have to sleep in the temple, maybe on the floor. Rules also include no sex and no alcohol. Also, he will get food two times a day only. Whereas, shoes are not permitted and no perfumes as well. He also can’t wear underwear. Thus, everyone is concerned about his sudden wish.

90 Day Fiance: David & Annie Might Welcome A New Member In The New Season

Annie and David have always been an out-of-the-ordinary couple. Yet, so many differences cannot change the fact that they love each other and want to stay together, facing all the odds. The 90 Day Fiance couple has 24 year age gap in their marriage. Annie just turned 30, and they met each other six years ago when David visited Thailand. David is already a father of two daughters and a son from his first wife. Still, the celebrity couple is planning to have a child together

. David mentions in a recent interview that he fully supports his wife’s decision to have a baby.

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Annie was unsure about being a mother but recently acknowledged that she had to talk to her husband and take a decision based on that conversation. There is a lot of age gap between the 90 Day Fiance couple. Now that she has turned 30, she must clear her thoughts. Adoption is also an option for David and Annie

, as he had a vasectomy but said he would reverse it for his love. David believes that Annie would be an excellent parent. Fans hope the very best for the couple. They are excited for the new season to know what happens next.